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Merriman Square Parking Area

18-06-2014 to 31-03-2015

Another multi storage Building by Hi-Tech Floors.

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22 On Bree

15-08-2012 to 28-02-2013

20 Storey ...
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Hi-Tech Floors has a reputation for quality high tolerance industrial floors solutions and remains at the forefront of the concrete flooring industry through innovation in materials, construction techniques and design.

Hi-Tech Floors uses its extensive skills to optimize the performance of todays industrial floors, thereby meeting the increasingly stringent specification and performance requirements of its global clients.

In the highly competitive logistics and warehousing environment, Hi-Tech Floors ability to provide durable and long performing floors for less per m² than most people pay for carpet in their living room is unsurpassed. Production for each of its teams can reach over half a soccer field per day with the continued pressure that there are no second chances - the floor has only one opportunity to be cast right.

Hi-Tech Floors is your 1-stop solution for casting of Industrial, Commercial, Domestic, hardened and colored power floated concrete floors.

Hi-Tech Floors is a member of the following institutions:

   Concrete Society of Southern Africa               MBA Boland
   Building Industry Bargaining Council               

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